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Domes House

Domes house is a residential home in the form of a semicircle round. Very similar to the homes in the polar Eksimo. The house is made ​​of cement and has a diameter of 7 meters with a height of 4.6 meters. Domes house has 2 door and 4 windows with 2 rooms. Domes house was built by an NGO in lieu of homes destroyed by the earthquake hit Yogyakarta dated on May 27 '2006.

There are 80 pieces in the complex and is located in Domes house Nglepen, Prambanan, Yogyakarta. An area affected by the earthquake and quite severe. Because of the unique shape of the house and seem funny, many people often refer to the Teletubbies house. Because the construction is solid and strong, then the domes are more resistant to earthquakes.

In the complex Domes house, there are also support facilities such as children's play facilities, mosque, exhibition halls, and other facilities are also hemispherical. The complex of houses Domes then became interesting sights that many tourists both domestic and foreign. Domes house complex is one of unique tourist destination spot and the study object of particular interest to the students.