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Shadow Puppet

Puppet show is always lacks a set of Gamelan music and clanging tools or fiddle. Art famed shadow puppets more than 1,000 years before in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. In Malaysia there are several types including shadow puppets Malay, Kelantan puppet, Javanese puppet, Purwo puppet which there are differences in each type of shadow puppets is mainly the story and character.

Communications tool
In principle, all types of leather puppets are in Malaysia has an effect of Java or Southern Thailand Pattani, but the development is causing shadow puppets changes and adjustments follow the reception and the local community context. Case holds o shadow puppet fist basically a communication tool in addition to the public art proposal. The flow of the story, and character sculptures still showed the originality and influence of origin but on scenes antics that are often located along the shadow puppet story, only terms of language elements and also the events described. Therefore, shadow puppets actually be enjoyed in two places and both have an important role.

The shadow puppet offerings; music, conversation and movement. Normally during the sculptures carry all the music stopped. During the sculptures speak little movement should be done through the movement of the hand joints are talking statue. Conversely, if the puppet statue was moved in the course of the storyline, the musical accompaniment immediately help foster the atmosphere that movement. Dalang is the most important person in the performing arts offerings shadow puppets. He sat behind the stage curtain, moving the character puppets and give voice to different sound patterns follow a playable character. The show helped mastermind Handyman provides puppet character based storyline that would be submitted by the puppeteer. Kasah wood is a type of instrument used to produce the impression of sounds during the fights scenes. The puppet sculpture stand up on the banana trunk and the character will be generated from the light.