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Kerep Cave

Kerep is pilgrimage cave of Ambarawa and it is the pioneer of Indonesian Mary cave after Sendangsono and Sriningsih. Kerep Mary cave was founded in 1954 and it was created with simple history, not based on vision. However, the cave could not be said to occur by chance, it happens for sure because of God had plan for mankind in Ambarawa particularly.

The birth date of Kerep Mary cave could not be separated from Dutch citizen, who served as the manager of thee plantation in Ambarawa. He offered the land and house for church and they were awarded to Brother Apostolic Congregation. The Congregation was founded by MGR Albertus Soegijapranata and consisted of local people as well as status of diocesan. Unfortunately, the congregation did not last long because there was no demand until dissolved.

Kerep Mary cave development closely related to pastoral letter from the Pope in 1954. Pastoral letter is the Mary Year in order to commemorate 100 years of dogma Maria contained pure. The contents of letter Shepherd urged all parishes held a memorial in honor of Mary virgin. Former Director of congregation apostolic Brother, Father J Reijnders which at the time became Parish Priest St. Joseph Ambarawa, urged people to hold celebration to honor Mary. At the time of priest, Father Bernardine Soemarno SJ come to the place and Reijnders shared activities in framework of Mary feast celebration. By Father Bernardine Soemarno, he suggested that is cave as devotion place to Mary.

The idea of ​​Father Bernardine Soemarno SJ then realized in 1954. School students living in dormitory of teacher Bruderan and ordered to gather stones from the river and gathered Brunderan Apostolic Kerep cave. According to Reijnders Father, Brother FX Woerjoatmodjo, who heads the hostel and stay at rectory of Ambarawa helped to lead it up.