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Gado Gado Food

Gado gado is a typical local food of Indonesian people. The Gado gado food is indeed a mixture of various kinds of vegetables, potatoes, eggs and peanut sauce in it. Most of Indonesian people love it much, especially the vegetarian food.

Gado gado food comprised of a variety of vegetables are boiled and blended into one in it. There are a wide variety of vegetables, no green vegetables are sliced ​​small little like lettuce, cabbage, bean sprouts, green beans, cucumbers, boiled potatoes, sliced ​​tomatoes, hard boiled eggs and covered in peanut sauce to make delicious food of Gado gado.

This local food can be eaten simply with rice cake or rice. It can be named as a salad, the typical salads of Indonesia. Gado gado feed everyone, delicious taste and has many nutrients and vitamin that are very good for health.