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Radya Pustaka Museum

Radya Pustaka Museum located in Sriwedari Park and is one of the old museum in Indonesia. Founded by KRA Sosrodiningrat IV to IX Pakubuwono reign. At the first time being in one room at the palace Kepatihan on October 28, 1890, and on January 1, 1913 the date was moved to a new building located at Jalan Slamet Riyadi. The museum building was formerly the residence of Johannes Busselaar, a Dutch citizen, was subsequently purchased by His Majesty Sri Pakubowono to be the location of the new museum.

Radya Museum museum is not under the auspices of the Department of Antiquities or the  Goverment Tourism Office but the status of a foundation called Yayasan Paheman Radya Pustaka Surakarta established in 1951. A prominent humanist named Go Tik Swan, also known as KRT. Hardjonagoro, is the creator of the archipelago motif and has contributed greatly to the development of the museum.

There are so many historical objects in the collection Radya Pustaka Museum which serves to provide valuable information, even though the case had tarnished statue theft. Surely this is a special note for the manager. Before entering into the building, in the courtyard there is a statue of famous poets, namely Tarso, in the Paku Buwana VII, Raden Rangga Ngabehi Warsito. On the inside there is a sculpture Torso Sosrodiningrat VI, founder Radya Museum Library. Some of the museum's collection of objects is a gift from the guests of the state, such as some porcelain gift from Napoleon Bonaparte to His Majesty Sri Paku Buwana to IV. Museum Radya Pustaka can be an option for those of who want to see the city of Solo in the past.