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Plaosan Temple

Plaosan temple located in Bugisan, Prambanan district, Klaten, and it is about 1.5 kilometres east part of Sewu temple. This is an ancient building complex and divided into 2 parts, namely complex of North Plaosan and South Plaosan. Sculptures contained Plaosan very smooth and detailed, similar to those in the Borobudur, Sari and Sewu temples.

Plaosan Buddhist temple was built in the reign of Rakai Pikatan of Hindu Mataram kingdom, which in early of 9th century AD. One of experts who supported was De Casparis, who hold the contents of the inscription Sri Kahulunan. In the inscription stated that North Plaosan built by Queen Sri Kahulunan and support her husband. According to De Casparis, Sri Kahulunan is the degree of Pramodhawardani, daughter of King Samarattungga of Sailendra dynasty. He embraced Buddhism and married to Rakai Pikatan of Sanjaya dynasty.

Another opinion about Plaosan development is that the temple was built before the reign of Rakai Pikatan. According to him, Sri Kahulunan Garung ruling Rakai Rakai Pikatan Mataram before. The reign of Rakai Pikatan short enough to build temple of Plaosan. Rakai Pikatan established ancillary temples after construction of the main temple.

In October 2003 in South Plaosan temple complex discovered an inscription, which is estimated from the 9th century AD. Inscription made ​​of gold plate measuring 18.5 x 2.2 cm. Contains inscription in Sanskrit written in ancient Javanese script. The inscription is still not known for certain, but according to Tjahjono Prasodjo, inscription reinforces notion of Plaosan was built during the reign of king Rakai Pikatan.