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Parangtritis Beach

Parangtritis is a beach on the coast of Indian Ocean, located about 27 kilometres south part of Yogyakarta. The beach is a famous beach attractions in Yogyakarta compared to other beaches such as: Samas, Depok, Baron, Krakal, Kukup and others. Actually, in the coastal region south of Yogyakarta and there are about 13 beach attractions all with charm. Somehow Parangtritis beach ranks first in the number of tourist arrivals compared to the other shore. Perhaps because Parangtritis has a unique landscape that does not exist in other coastal attractions, which in addition to large waves and high sand mountains around the beach, namely Gumuk

Public confidence about the legend of Nyi Roro Kidul also by itself give its own charm, so as to invite a larger number of tourists compared to other beaches. There is an unique confidence in Parangtritis, that wearing a green dress on the beach Parangtritis because it can bring misfortune. According to local people belief, the colour green is the favourite colour of Nyi Roro Kidul, so feared that wearing the colour green waves swept overboard as desired by the ruling queen of the southern ocean.

Name of Parangtritis has its own history. In antiquity there was someone named Dipokusumo prince who fled from the kingdom of Majapahit and came to the area to meditate. When to see a trickle of water flowing from a rock crevice, he named the area became Parangtritis. Parang means stone and Tumaritis means water droplets. Many interesting side when travel to Parangtritis beach. Beautiful natural scenery will become a main dish. Walk along the coast or can also rent a horse, horse drawn carriage gig which leads through along the coast.