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Gudeg Food

Yogyakarta city synonymous with Gudeg dishes. Special food menu that can be found throughout the province of Yogyakarta and enjoyed with rice, the food is unique and delicious. Gudeg food made ​​from young jack fruit cooked to be a reddish brown color. Krecek served with fried chili, duck eggs and doused with a savory areh soft and favors made ​​from coconut milk.

The main ingredient gudeg made ​​from young jack fruit cut into small size. Then cooked and dicamput with coconut milk, red palm sugar, coconut water, bay leaves and galangal. Also added with spices such as: garlic and onion and cilantro.

At the ripe, jack fruit color change fledged auburn, the color change produced by teak leaves cooked in a timely follow long enough. Gudeg served with trespass thick coconut milk, duck eggs, chicken and sambal krecek or cowhide.