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Depok Beach

Depok beach is the nearest beach in Yogyakarta and located close to Parangtritis and Parangkusumo beaches. Depok is famous because there are fish port where could get fresh fish directly from the fishermen or traders and can eat home cooked directly over the lip Depok beach. Price of marine fish catch results were relatively cheap, it makes Depok beach known as the seekers of seafood.

Based on the stories of local, Depok name from breakage of the Majapahit kingdom and it makes the soldiers fled to a place and in the place of the soldiers built a padepokan, then the area was given the name Depok. Tunggul Wulung initiated by the stump at the time it had adopted children who have a role named Aris Baya orchard organising Depok. In a moment passes that resulted Tunggul Wulung grabs Grogol Depok region. Finally, the region split into two parts, namely 24 embracing, Embracing nyadran Depok and 25, Nyadran Grogol. In 1947 Sono and Grogol villages merged into Tirtoarjo village, it was due to the availability of regional autonomy, then Tirtoarjo village transformed into Parangtritis village.