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Pentingsari Village

The first people who inhabited Pentingsari village is Kyai Jokarto Grandmother. He was a soldier of Prince Diponegoro lived around the year 1790 -1905 and occupy land in the village Pentingsari as a hiding place and struggles as well as well as a place to live due to their strategic location Pentingsari village.

Never had anyone keep a long time in the village of Pentingsari ordeal such as riots, diseases and disorders spirits who inhabit the Kuning river and Pawon river. Kyai Jokerto the only person who can overcome all the distractions and because of his power to divert the flow of lava from Mount Merapi that is not leading to the village Pentingsari.

Pentingasi village shaped like a peninsula, west of the valley are so steep that time, there are Yellow and south valley of Ledok cave or Ponteng. Gondoran east there is a steep valley that time Pawon and north is plain that can connect directly to the soil around the village up to the court Umbulharjo Mount Merapi.

Pentingsari village consists of two hamlets namely Bonorejo and Pentingsari, where Bonorejo is Pentingsari villages south and the north, which was originally inhabited by the family Bonorejo Mertokromo while Pentingsari inhabited by families Kyai Jokerto Grandmother. At the time of Umbulharjo moved to the village around the year 1895 Pentingsari Umbulharjo village changed its name to the village headman Pentingsari first Grandfather Kyai Jokerto. Tourism Village Pentingsari in age still relatively young compared to the other tourist village in Sleman district, inauguration is on May 15, 2008.