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Sukamade Beach

Sukamade beach lies in Barongan village, Pesanggrahan and it is about 97 kilometres to the southwest of Banyuwangi. For thousands of years this coastal spawning grounds to giant turtles from Indonesia and Pacific Ocean region. Sukamade is a turtle beach and part of National Park Meru Betiri.

Sukamade beach is the most preferred by foreign tourist and domestic. Encountered a group of animals and the monkey Macaca, which used as tourist attraction. Visitors can enjoy a walk through a stretch of lowland tropical rain forest with a trail pass. The scenery can be enjoyed such as: a large collection of bats, lizards, deer, wild boar, and several species of birds including albatrosses.

At night, Sukamade beach will be transformed into a paradise. One by one, the turtle will be heading to the mainland from the beach to lay eggs. The moment, that eagerly await by tourists, especially foreign tourists. Because it is a rare sight, then treatment must be careful to observe it. Visitors are not allowed to turn on the light and noise while at the beach. The process of laying eggs of turtle itself takes about 3 hours of riding to the beach to go back to sea again. Some of the existing facilities at turtle beach of Sukamade: cottage accommodation, camping ground, meeting hall, trekking jungle track, information centre, laboratories and cottage teamwork.