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Bird Market

Bird Market of Ngasem as traditional market was worldwide have become memories. On April 22, 2010, Ngasem bird market located around Sultan Palace area and it has been moved to the region Dongkelan. Located on the border of the city of Yogyakarta to Bantul. Bird Market of Dongkelan is named PASTY which means Market Yogyakarta Wildlife and Plant Conservation

Bird Market Dongkelan more accessible from outside the city because it is located near the south ring road, with the arrangement of building a more tidy and comfortable. In addition to the bird market, visitors can browse or shop at the plants that were across the Dongkelan the bird market.

Dongkelan bird market is not only sells a variety of animals, but visitors can also enjoy the wildlife competitions held periodically. What race are the sounds of birds on the southeast side market animals. The Yogyakarta government has also planted crops of fruits, such as rambutan, mango, and others.

What animal sales are divided into several zones as follows: south zone is a group of pigeons and occupied northern zone reptilian animal traders. For the visitors who missed Ngasem atmosphere, at least they can visit Dongkelan bird market. The atmosphere is typical of the merchant who does the majority coming from Ngasem can cure your homesickness.