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Water Castle

Water Castle is one of the cultural heritage of Yogyakarta palace which is still maintained continuity. The Water Castle lies in the south of Yogyakarta Kingdom. Until now, the Water Castle became a tourist attraction visited by many traveler both foreign and domestic. Especially after the restoration, making Water Castle tourism looks more beautiful. Water Castle consists of two words, namely parks and cider. Water Castle complex so it can be a beautiful garden. To enter the Water Castle can be through a back road, because the road in front side has been closed by a dense population. The Water Castle was built during the reign of Sultan Hamengkubuwana I and completed in the reign of Sultan Hamengkubuwono II. The architect of the building is the Portuguese, so the art building has a very strong European architecture. But the symbolic meaning of Java was maintained and more dominating.

The Water Castle is a complex consisting of swimming baths, water canals, private rooms and a large pond. Historically, this place used to bath the reigning monarch, Sultan of Yogyakarta and their families. The venue is also used for worship, because Water Castle building is also equipped with a mosque, precisely in building of Gumuling well. In the neighbour hood of the Water Castle there is a passage which, according to the story of this hallway is a hallway connecting the ends in the next of Parangtritis beach. It said that the king of Yogyakarta is always associated with the Queen of the South Sea or Nyi Roro Kidul. The hallway was the path used to have a meeting with the Queen of South. But now the hall has been closed due to a very old age.

Besides being used for a vacation home and resting place, the Water Castle was also used as a fortress. The wall that surrounds the Water Castle even look old but still sturdy. This is evident when the earthquake in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas in the year of 2006, the wall is still able to stand firmly.