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Kasongan Village

Kasongan is the name of a village located in the Kajen, Bangunjiwo, Kasihan, about 8 kilometres to the southwest of the city centre or about 20 minutes drive from the Yogyakarta city. Kasongan is pottery village industrial district, the tools are made of clay. The area is a residential area in the form of handicrafts makers of kitchen furniture as well as a wide variety of items like mostly using clay as a raw material.

Previously, pottery village of Kasongan still very limited for household appliances, like a Kendi (water containers), kendil (container for cooking), Anglo (kiln with charcoal for cooking fuel), and other. Along with the changing times, right now making pottery is not only limited to household items only, but also other similar items that have high sales value in the market.

The origin of the village into an industrial pottery Kasongan
During Dutch colonial rule, in one of the area south of Yogyakarta city ever shocking event to local residents, which is a horse owned by a Dutch detective was found dead in the fields owned by residents. It makes people very frightened. For fear of sanctions and punishment, residents finally let go and did not recognise the land rights of his land again, and this was followed by the other residents. Land that has been removed is then recognised by other villagers.

Residents who fear finally silence around the house, because they do not have anymore the rice fields to fill their time utilising what is around. They then make use of existing land and make it into tiles that were not broken when put together, and began shaping it into various functions of goods that tend to be used as a kitchen or children's toys. Starting from everyday life that their ancestors were hereditary habit eventually to the present generation who chose a ceramic artisans until now.