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Kalibaru Village

Kalibaru is a village that has its own charm, not only the friendliness of the locals only but the village atmosphere and picturesque natural beauty. Access to Kalibaru village is very easy and can be accessed using a land line, by train, car or public transport. The majority of the population are farmers, almost all the way can we meet the various coffee plantations and spice plants. Kalibaru village is situated in the western part of the district of Banyuwangi.

Surrounded by hills lining the west and south, while the north side of the mountain there is a roar. The Kalibaru village is located at an altitude of 428 meters above the sea, Kalibaru has a mild climate with a beautiful view. Many plantations found in Kalibaru and beyond, both individuals and companies owned plantations.

Activities are often done in Kaliabaru is agro tourism visits, see coffee plantations, spices and also can see the process of making coconut sugar. Kalibaru village visited by foreign tourists or domestic in mid-year, from May to October. Average they want a taste of rural life and chatting with local people.