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Baron Beach

Baron beach is located about 40 kilometres from Yogyakarta, it is charming and beautiful beach. The contour of the valley and river water bargaining become a magnet for tourists who comes to visit. This is a hidden paradise in the south mountain district, Yogyakarta. Baron beach spread through the contours of the valley charm on the right and left of the beach. On the right, visitors can see a freshwater river empties directly into the Indonesian ocean. Sand beaches extend and make anyone feel at home to linger on the beach.

To get the Baron beach is easy to reach, infrastructure into this road area is very well. In fact, the smooth road access makes it difficult to find the hole in the road. All access roads to the coast region of Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. Not so far from Baron beach, there are also some equally beautiful beaches, such as Kukup, Krakal, Sepanjang and Sundak beaches. Gunungkidul got a lot of beautiful beaches as the paradise hidden.