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Ceto temple

Ceto temple located on the hill on the slopes of Mount Lawu. From Solo approximately 43 kilometers or 1 hour journey from the city towards the town of Tawang Mangu Solo Karanganyar there we are treated to stunning natural scenery. Ceto temple is a place for worship of Hindus in the region Kemuning, Jenawi and Karanganyar. Being on top of the hill in the tea gardens, where it kept the charm of the exotic and fascinating. Located on the hillside of the mountain Lawu, Ceto temple is not so famous as a Hindu temple in Prambanan Klaten, but the charm and atmosphere, a perfect pristine places of worship and the atmosphere is still thick.

Candi Ceto consists of 7 levels with 3 arrangement of the main building is at the last level that describes that level of the main building with 3 levels will show caste in Hindu society that adheres to the Brahmin caste, the Warrior Caste, Caste Sudras. Seven building levels the first step we will immediately see two stone statue overlooking the gate.

At the second gate we would have is that a vast courtyard garden or yard as a staging yard will now perform prayer rituals for Hindu temples. After we climbed the gate to-3 we will see a statue of a turtle right in front of the huge entrance gate to the level of the 4th and some other statues statues are considered sacred, and we are forbidden to step on.

Entering the gates of the 4 of us will immediately be faced with an open-roofed buildings of wood that can be used as a place of rest after we ascend by a neat stone steps and are still experiencing. The two buildings that were in the right and left in plain building to 4. Entering the gates to 5, we will see some place of worship with several buildings used as places sacred statues and places for meditation or some other building used for worship. For the six gates same as in the 5th floor and was close to the main building at level-7, a rectangular building with a furnished main door to enter the building at sacral holy for Hindus in Ceto temple.

Really atmosphere incredible natural scenery on the hill and with the cool air, we can really feel the wind from the slopes of the mountains with a carpet of tea gardens on the right and left will be beautiful. Ceto temple is an awesome store charm.