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Ganjuran Church

Ganjuran Church is one of Catholic spiritual pilgrimage place, cultural backgrounds and unique history. Ganjuran is located in Bantul district, 20 kilometres south part of Yogyakarta. This holy place was built on December 26 ’1927 and was blessed by Van Velsen, the Archbishop of Jakarta on February 11 ‘1930. As Catholic worship place shrine, the Church is sacred heart of Ganjuran with unique cultural history, which has temple of Hindu and Javanese style. The Ganjuran temple is combination between Mataram Javanese style and Majapahit structures. MGR Soegijopranata, a parish priest who later became the first Indonesia indigenous bishop in 1941. Initiated the procession of Blessed Sacrament as sign of homage to Sacred Heart of Jesus on altar of Ganjuran.
Eucharist impressed grand and stately where the Blessed Sacrament was paraded around the Church location. As tradition, the ceremony held every year on the last week of June. Ganjuran sacred heart and Sendangsono blessed at the same date and month when the apparitions of Lady at Lourdes and it is on February 11. It is just blessing cave in Sendangsono ad done on 1929. Two become intertwined, as Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus blessed by Father to be together as blessing for all of mankind.
Ganjuran also be place for healing number of diseases. There are several accounts of Ganjuran pilgrims temple heal diseases that have long suffered. Miracles of healing, that occurs after they shower and drinking water temple known as Tirta Perwitasari. The water comes from under the temple with substantial source debit, it is about 30 thousand liter per minute and there are 9 water faucets available.