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Bakpia Pathok

Bakpia cake is the typical food from the city of Yogyakarta, many of it found everywhere. The tourists who visit the city of Yogyakarta would want Bakpia as a gift for relatives and family when they visit. Bakpia cake made ​​from the basic ingredients of flour, sugar and nuts. Bakpia cake flavours there are several kinds, there is a sweet, savoury, sticky and various other flavours, depending on the content that is in the skin of bakpia.

There are so many types of Bakpia in the city of Yogyakarta and one of them is the famous Pathok Bakpia the centrally located city of Yogyakarta. Named for the name Bakpia Pathok is where it is produced, this time on the street of Pathok has changed its name to Sasuit Tubun street, Yogyakarta.

That's why in every package Bakpia Pathok surely end with brand numbers, such as Bakpia peg 25, 55, 75, or more digits. Those numbers describe the number of addresses that bakpia produced, so you do not need to be confused or concerned with the authenticity of flavours Bakpia Pathok, because every bakpia made​​, certainly named Bakpia Pathok.