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Sundak Beach

Sundak beach located in district Sidoharjo Tepus, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. The beach is in the south coast line of beach lined with Krakal, Kukup, Drini, and other beaches.

Sheets of white sand stretching along the shore, waiting for the waves that touch of tenderness running harboured a deep longing, provide comfort eyes to look at him. A breeze caressed the leaves waving in the limb that grew around the nearby beach, the soothing peace seekers. Stretch of shoreline with rocks and adorable tiny playground. Sea coral beach guard stood firm as a strong and brave Sundak. Limestone hills in the background adds to the beauty towering coastal and inland sea meeting the southern coast of Java.

Sundak name is a combination of the name of the Asu and Landak. Starting from a fight between the dog and porcupine. A brawl that left a trail for people around the existence of a cave with a source of fresh water in it. Sundak Beach is one of charm Gunungkidul pristine beaches and not much too exposed by visitors. Sundak beaches is as a milestone, which Gunungkidul arid regions is an exotic beauty.