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Gedongsongo Temple

The complex of Gedongsongo temple located at the foot of mount Ungaran. Precisely in Candi village, District of Somawono, Semarang, Central Java province. The experts could not confirm the time and purpose of Gedongsongo temple construction, because until now there has been no inscriptions were found and mention the existence of the temple. It is estimated that those temples was built during the early development of Hinduism in Java, that in the reign by the king of Sanjaya dynasty.

Seeing the architectural style and its location, Gedongsongo temple built for worship. At that time the highlands or hills seen as the embodiment of heaven, the abode of gods. Its existence was first disclosed temple by Raffles in 1740. In the beginning time, there were only seven groups of buildings were found, so the Raffles called Gedong Pitu temple. After two temples were found, then do some research on the temple by Dutch archaeologists, who named Van Stein Callenfels (1908) and Knebel (1911). They discovered two other temple groups, so the name was changed to Gedongsongo. In 1928 until 1929, during the reign of ancient official Dutch renovate the Gedong one and Gedong two. The restoration of temple and the arrangement made ​​by the government of Indonesia for 10 years, from 1972 up to 1982.