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Rafting Lower Progo River

Rafting Lower Progo river is a popular choice for those who like the challenge of water. Rafting Lower Progo gives satisfaction as a very spectacular rafting Lower Progo river have grade level class III  - V. The instructor navigates the rafting on Lower Progo river.

Progo river is located in the village of Klangon, Magelang district. Lower Progo river adjacent to attractions like Mendut, Pawon and Borobudur. Bottom Progo have distance of 16 kilometers, with a rafting around 3 to 4 hours. For those who professional in rafting skill, rafting Lower Progo river is the right choice because of the difficulty with rapids class III - V. The Lower Progo river rafting is a fantastic adventure to do.


  • Rafting class: Professional
  • Distance pengarungan: 16 Km
  • Travel time: 3.5 - 4 Hours
  • Grade level: III - V
  • Early rafting: Klangon village Magelang
  • End of rafting: Dekso village Magelang

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