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Salak Pondoh Agro Tourism

Salak or snake fruit is superior product from Sleman regency of Yogyakarta. Salak Pondoh plants characterised as upper palm tree with fern pattern. Once is nice thing to do that can get straight when pick up and taste the fruit. The construction of Salak Pondoh Agro Tourism started in 1988 and was officially opened in 1994.

Mr. Sudibyo is founder of Agro Tourism Salak Pondoh in Turi village. He developed the snake fruit in the garden of his parents and tried to invite community and participation. At first he got rejection that it loudly as planting other crops have to sacrifice. Because of his persistence, eventually surrounding residents to follow his advice. Salak Pondoh has already sold almost sell to all over Indonesia even to Malaysia, Japan and other countries.

Salak pondoh Agro Tourism has land area of ​​27 hectares, in addition to being complex snake fruit parks. There are also children's playground, fishing and swimming pool. Located at altitude of 200 meters above sea level and the temperature is very good for development of cultured plant of snake fruit. The cool atmosphere of the village could feel it and provided comfort when circling around it.

Salak Pondoh Agro Tourism is mainstay of archipelago Gardens. More than 17 species of plants can be found in the snake fruit garden area of ​​2 hectares. Ranging from: Snake fruit super, Black snake fruit, Yellow Snake fruit, Manggala snake fruit, Condet snake fruit, Balinese snake fruit and others. In addition to fruit crops, there is also park medication garden where grows, such as: ginger turmeric, star fruit and others are constantly being developed.