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Madakaripura Waterfall

Mount Bromo area attractions turned out to save the tourist sites are unique and beautiful. Located approximately 45 minutes toward Probolinggo and these attractions are Madakaripura waterfall. According to local people, the name of madakaripura was taken from the story of Gajah Mada, who spent the end of his life meditating around this waterfall. The story is supported by the statues of chief minister Gajah Mada in the parking area.

To achieve these attractions are not too difficult, it's should be done if we are going to Bromo, Sukapura. If we come from the direction of Probolinggo, arriving in the Sukapura village and turn right and the road will pass through the asphalt with a view of the high mountains treats a refreshing eye. Approximately 5 kilometre to travel and will meet with the entrance Madakaripura waterfall tourist area marked by a statue of Gajah Mada.

Further runs about 15 minutes, through the trail made of cement so it will not be slippery when is wet. Throughout a trip on the trail, will be treated to beautiful scenery and soothing, right next to the left of us there are rocky streams and high cliffs with dense trees and the birds singing accompaniment also sound of beetles. Sometimes also in some parts of the road, blocked by fallen trees or former landslide, however this road is relatively flat and can be easily bypassed. When you feel tired, there are several places along the way that can be used to sit and rest.

Standing the nature indoors, we will feel as being at the bottom of a tube where there is a waterfall with a height of 200 meters, with an abundance of water rushing over the top and turn into soft cotton to greenish pond. Water that falls in the pool cause rhythm, sometimes resulting sound louder because of the water that falls more rapidly. The uniqueness and coolness of this kind of waterfall will make us linger staring.