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Karimunjawa Island

Karimunjawa is a beautiful group of islands and white sandy parts of Indonesia archipelago. Under the Jepara district and has 27 islands, one is divided into three districts and villages and all white sand called Virgin Island . The water is clear and without pollution, because Karimunjawa away from sources of pollution, beautiful beach, even supposing dispose of needles in these waters it will be easy to find. With so many Islands around it, visitor can still live like Adam and Eve. Alone on a small Island without being distracted and security guaranteed.

Karimunjawa harbor pier on the island is small, but it is neat and clean and there is a tourist information center in the port complex. Motorcycles, rickshaws and pickups are available around the dock as a means of transportation to get in. In the middle of the Island, there is a tropical rain forest is the habitat of deer, several species of birds, long-tailed monkeys and other animals. Dewadaru trees thrive in the forest, challenging trekking path and it is the main attraction for adventurous.

Diving can be done on the island and it is a favorite for tourists, for example: Kemujan Island, Cemara Island, Menjangan island, Cilik Island and Tengah Island. Waters in the region of National Park is a haven for Karimunjawa coral reefs, fish and other biota. So it will be the right choice if explore Karimunjawa Island and see the beautiful underwater scenery.