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Mangkunegaran Palace

Mangkunegaran palace in Ronggowarsito street, Surakarta. Prince Mangkunegaran called Mangkunegoro. Officially, his name is Prince Gusti Kanjeng Arya Mangkunegara Senopati Ing Ayudha Sudibyaningprang that the I, II, III, and so on. Mangkunegaran is of the Mataram dynasty and Prince Sambernyawa (Raden Mas Said) who started it. Since the age of 16 years, he has struggled. With his military expertise, Prince Mangkunegara I, III and the prince Pakubuwana Mangkubumi joined forces to fight the Dutch Colonial.

King of Surakarta and Yogyakarta build power with courage. Heirs continued rationalisation of power, namely Mangkunegaran II to make the Kingdom a strong and prosperous people. Literary works published and referenced by the Java community until now, prince Mangkunegara to balance a tough and clever play skill. Dictated not like, do not hesitate to act decisively confront other powers that undermine the authority and existence.

Each generation Mangkunegaran prince prepared an excellent leader and intelligent. The crown prince, Prince Prangwadana title, given the burden of responsibility from the juvenile stages. Mangkunegaran prince: Prince Gusti Kanjeng Mangkunegara I in 1757-1795, Prince Gusti Kanjeng Mangkunegara Arya II years 1796-1835, Mangkunegara III in 1835-1853, in 1853-1881 Mangkunegara IV, V Mangkunegara years 1881-1896, Prince Gusti Kanjeng Duke Arya Mangkunegara VI in 1896-1916, in 1916-1944 Mangkunegara VII, VIII Mangkunegara years 1944-1987, and Prince Gusti Kanjeng Mangkunegara Arya IX 1987 to present.